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Bad Science: Castrol Magnatec

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These are intelligent molecules

No they aren’t. Molecules they are, intelligent they are not.

They know where to go

No. They don’t. They “know” as much as a rock “knows” which way to fall down.

When they are needed, they instantly respond going to the parts of the engine that need it most.

Their “instant response” happens whether or not they are “needed.” Because its a friggin liquid. It gets pushed round the engine. How “intelligent” is that? When they are needed, they move around the engine. When they aren’t needed, guess what? Those molecules move around the engine just the same! WOW!

Shielding it in a layer of active protection.

… I like the idea of “active protection.” Make me think of pre-emptive defense, locking up people who are likely to become criminals, invading countries likely to become hostile towards you or something. Thug molecules.

God, bad science in adverts is infuriating. Coming soon: Gilette FUSION!!!!!


Written by Seamus

March 31, 2007 at 8:36 pm

Posted in annoying, science

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