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Topos, Topology and quite possibly Tapas

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Came across this in New Scentist which I thought was interesting. Haven’t actually read it yet (just the bit in NS) but it sounds like Reichenbach’s “relativity of geometry” was just the tip of the iceberg. Interesting to look into for my Philosophy of Science essay…

Bought some CDs yesterday; Pantera, Led Zeppelin and Dub Pistols. Happy with Pantera, Very pleased with Led Zep but massively disappointed by the new Dub Pistols. It’s got nothing on Point Blank.

Finished Illium. Interesting and I kind of want to read the sequel, but its no revelation space… Now reading the new Umberto Eco novel…

Studying for my topology exam next Tuesday. Not really looking forward to it that much, but its measure theory the day after, so that puts things in perspective. There’s a new section on covering spaces that hasn’t been in previous years so there are no past exam papers. That makes it harder to revise. I’m quietly confident that I can be ready by the time of the exam. Though it does depend somewhat on how much time measure theory takes up…

I got my Hegel essay back and got 68 which I’m pretty pleased with. Would be nice to get a first for the finished product. I also got an old essay back that I’d forgotten about. I thought it was a terrible essay. Far too short and a bit rambling. Also I had fitted in the words “badger” and “aubergine” into it at the suggestion of my housemate. But I got 64 for that, which is twice what I was expecting.

Also… Tapas. mmm. Damn. I missed the simpsons.


Written by Seamus

April 18, 2007 at 6:29 pm

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