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Most imaginative revenge killing ever!

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Tonight in Midsomer Murders somebody was killed by having fake vintage wine thrown at them by a miniature replica trebuchet. That is easily the most imaginative revenge killing I have ever encountered…

Saw Phantom of the Opera in London last night. Was thoroughly confused but entertained nonetheless. I’m disappointed they reveal the phantom’s disfigurement. It’s always less scary once it’s explicit. No matter how good the make-up is, it’ll never be as good as your imagination coupled with your fear of the unknown. Many many films go downhill once the monster is revealed; Ginger Snaps, Jeepers Creepers… OK, so they’re pretty poor films to start with, but still… Seven is scary at the end precisely because Kevin Spacey does not look like the monster you expect.

Incidentally, there is a film called Killer Condom. My second favourite intriguingly bizarre movie title. After SARS Wars; Bangkok Zombie Crisis, which I believe I have mentioned before…


Written by Seamus

April 20, 2007 at 10:57 pm

Posted in film, tv

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