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Eight Billion Little Ones and Zeroes

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I bought a 1 gig USB memory stick thinger a couple of days ago. It’s tiny! It’s smaller than my thumb and has eight billion little ones and zeroes in it. It cost 16 quid. That’s 1 five thousandth of a penny per little one or zero.

Watched Rat Race just now. It was quite funny, but they missed a trick not having Rowan Atkinson fall asleep when he was crowd surfing at the end… Really want to watch Wayne’s World again. It was on TV right after Swordfish a few nights ago, but I didn’t stay up to watch it… Should have done. I’ve seen Wayne’s World loads though. I still prefer it to Austin Powers.

Had an exam today, have another tomorrow. Today’s was significantly better than tomorrow’s is going to be. Measure Theory sucks. Or rather, our notes suck and the exam is going to be a real bitchwhore of an exam.

Have downloaded various PDFs and read various wikipedia articles relating to Category Theory and Topos Theory. Why? I don’t really know.  I suppose I needed something to put on my USB stick thinger…


Written by Seamus

April 24, 2007 at 11:16 pm

Posted in annoying, film, maths

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