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A while ago, during the Easter holiday when I was all on my own in the house I watched Casino. While I was watching it I made a spreadsheet of the birth dates and death dates of a lot of important mathematicians and philosophers of the long 19th century. The list expanded a bit over the next few days and I recently added a few scientists who sprang to mind and covered a similar period and I published it here. If anyone has any suggestions for people to add I would appreciate it. I should add some important enlightenment type figures; Rousseau, Voltaire and so forth…

I basically wanted to have more of an idea of who was living when. The way my philosophy courses were taught meant that we studied philosophers pretty much chronologically until Kant, and after that it went crazy. We did Schopenhauer then Nietzsche (and Sartre and Wittgenstein but I didn’t do either of those courses) then we skipped back and did some Hegel (writing before Schopenhauer) then Marx. Marx I could place approximately in a historical context, and I learned that Hegel was in his late teens at the time of the French revolution. So I thought it would be cool to collect some more information on who was around when. At the same time I was doing a course on the history of maths which was more accurately a course on 19th century analysis. So a lot of these guys were around at the same time as the philosophers I was studying. The actual idea to sit down and sort this list out was prompted by my discovering that Bertrand Russell didn’t die until 1970 and Popper was around in 1994 (one of my lecturers David Miller wrote papers with him.)

And so the list is here. Hooray!  If anyone has any suggestions as to how to make this information into a sexy timeline type dealy, I would be interested in hearing from you! Also taking suggestions for important dates that need including, French Revolution, the Terror,  Declaration of Independence of the U.S. etc…


Written by Seamus

May 5, 2007 at 12:01 am

Posted in maths, philosophy, science

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