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I splashed out on the ability to edit my CSS on this blog, but then decided I don’t have time to work it all out. I should be studying… One day I will get round to it. But wordpress deserve some money off me, I suppose. I use their bandwidth and whatnot…

Other things I have spent money on recently include;

  • A ludicrously over-engineered umbrella (it was raining and we hopped into Black’s and all they had was uber hiking stylee umbrellas…)
  • A sexy watch (actually pretty cheap)
  • Jimi Hendrix CD. Because I didn’t have one.
  • Japanese food for me and the ladyfriend. Was very tasty. Much recommended.

And now I should probably get back to some revision, before it’s time for Friday night telly. HIGNFY and Peep Show, Oh yeah! The only time there is something on TV that isn’t shit

Eurovision tomorrow! Is everybody excited? I hope I get to watch it. It would be a shame to miss the most gaudy tasteless camp night of television of the year…

My keyboard is buggered. I need to do something about that. It keeps just not recognising  keystrokes, and sometimes my computer decides I am holding down the the “i” key or the “left” key… Quite annoying. Need to fix that somehow…


Written by Seamus

May 11, 2007 at 7:24 pm

Posted in annoying, linux, tv

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