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“Toggle” gets sexed up.

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So, we were talking about duffel coats on the way back from campus, and then we got on to talking about how toggle is a great word and deserves to mean something better than this. Then, after some random tangent we ended up talking about what the words “inflect, deflect, reflect and genuflect” have in common. We decided some kind of generalisation would lead to a new word, something like this;

  • Flect: to distort or alter the motion or direction of something, normally something non-physical

This idea of generalising similar sounding words and creating new words in much the same way as mathematical generalisation works was such a good idea that it deserved a new word; to toggle.

  • Toggle: to extract the similarity in meaning from words of similar sounds and to coin a new word with that meaning with that sound

With this word coined, we realised that togs (the word formed by a toggling) are everywhere. “ology” “ism” and so on. Great.

On another note, I’ve decided that I should stop calling my knot theory revision “revision”, because most of this stuff is new to me. So I should call it knot theory vision. There’s no sense in which it is re-vision… But if I went round saying “I’m going to do some maths vision” people would think I’m a weirdo… Not that I’m not a weirdo…


Written by Seamus

May 18, 2007 at 2:58 pm

Posted in maths, toggles

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    My Minority of One

    May 24, 2007 at 6:10 pm

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