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My my, haven’t I been busy? Went to the Final Fling; the great big party for Warwick finalists. I had a great time, despite hardly seeing any of The Automatic and Hard-Fi. Lots of fun was had by all.

Then I came home, leaving lots of cleaning and stuff for my housemates. Tee hee. Now I am back at the ranch, chilling with my brand spanking new Xbox 360. I bought Oblivion, but it’s in French. So ‘m playing a bit of that and a bit of Pro Evo 6 while I wait for amazon to send me a nice ENGLISH copy of oblivion. Lovely. Then I will allow Elder Scrolls IV to take over my life for a while. After that, I’ll be off to graduate and such. Hoorah.

There was a massive storm a couple of nights ago. It was really really loud on the roof windows i my brothers room (where I was sleeping because my room was covered in dust sheets and whatnot). Hearing thunder and seeing lightning while inside is an experience in itself, but imagine back in the day when people lived in dodgy little shelters. Imagine being that close to the massive power of a thunder storm. It’s really no wonder that the god of thunder was often the king of the gods. Zeus, Thor, whatever was THE MAN!

Something else occurred to me today; zebra crossings are crazy. Buses stop to let you cross the road! Think about it; 65 kilos of weedy flesh and bone versus several tons of metal, glass and horsepower. Who will yield? Who would win in a fight? Yeah zebra crossings are crazy.


Written by Seamus

June 26, 2007 at 12:12 pm

Posted in games

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