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My room is messy because Cyrodil is a nicer place to be than Luxembourg

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So I’m listening to lullabies to paralyse at the moment. It’s pretty good. Haven’t heard it in a while. Never liked it as much as songs for the deaf, but I didn’t listen to it half as much, so I am giving it another chance.

Saw Shrek 3 a couple of days ago. Wasn’t as disappointed and some people seem to have been by it. It had some funny moments. Going to see Die Hard 4.0 tonight. I am really hoping that it is amazing. It really should be.

I have an English  version of Oblivion now. So I’ve been playing that pretty much all the time. I should probably unpack at some stage, but I can’t be bothered. There’s nowhere to put all my stuff. Basically, my stuff to space ratio is above one, so I can’t fit it all in. It’s just in loads of boxes scattered around my room. I will be taking some of the junk back to England in September, which makes me even less inclined to find places to put it all away now…

I should really finish that Jabberwocky thing I started, but I’m too busy killing orcs and whatnot in Oblivion most of the time. Sigh. I really am a sad bastard sometimes…


Written by Seamus

July 1, 2007 at 7:52 pm

Posted in film, games

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