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Why does my spell-checker recognise that “decaffeinated” is a word, but red-squigglies “caffeinated”?

I have yet to reorganise this blog as yet. Also, I haven’t posted anything in a while. The reason is I’ve been busy. Well, I haven’t really I’ve been playing on my 360 and going out.

I’ve been to the cinema a few times and so I’m going to do some little review things!

Mr Brooks

Another sneak preview, another film I would never have gone to see otherwise. Another surprisingly good film. Despite Kevin Costner, Mr Brooks is a pretty solid film. The premiss is that Mr Earl Brooks (Costner) is addicted to killing people. He is also the owner of a successful box factory and he loves his family very much. Oh and then he meets someone who wants to go with him when he goes a-killing. Cue tension, suspense and a very very very loud gunfight in a flickery neon lit corridor. My favourite moment was when the police lady get catapulted out of the van.

Evan Almighty

I was not expecting anything much from this film and in that regard it didn’t disappoint. Wholly underwhelming in its “meh” quotient. That might be a double negative or something. Wait… What I mean is that this film is superlatively average. There are some neat touches and some funny moments, but overall the story isn’t that great, some of the jokes fall flat (the “evan falling off things” montage is a case in point). Best thing about this film? Morgan Freeman. Obviously. Steve Oedekerk wrote the screenplay. And Kung Pow is one of my favourite films… If I’d known this I would have been more excited by the film. So it was lucky I didn’t find that out until after the film…

So… I have also seen Transformers and The Simpsons movie. I will probably review them at some later stage.

I’m currently reading Moby Dick. Its really odd. I’m nearly 200 pages in and they haven’t even spotted a whale yet… It is good though. I like it. Interesting fact; Moby is called Moby because he is related to Herman Melville. Cool huh?


Written by Seamus

August 21, 2007 at 4:44 pm

Posted in books, film

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