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Computer Programming and Second Order Logic are sexy

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I’ve updated that spreadsheet of important people’s dates I made a while ago. I still haven’t found a good “timeline” making program. I was thinking instead of writing a program that would print all the people who were alive at the same time as your input. Or everyone alive and their age in a given year. For example:

user> Newton

Program> Descartes, Oldenburg, Boyle, Spinoza, Newton, Leibniz, Berkeley, Euler, Hume, Kant

It wouldn’t be too hard. The tough part, as far as I’m concerned would be extracting the info from a spreadsheet into an object python can read. That would be handled by a separate “extract” program. But I’m certain it is possible. When I feel the need to waste a lot of time I shall look into it. For now I am busy drafting an essay about Boolos’ two different interpretations of second order logic and why he was wrong to abandon his first position (the one from “On Second Order Logic”).

God, I’m such a crazy fun loving guy.


Written by Seamus

October 26, 2007 at 12:46 pm

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