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How to avoid doing any work part 1

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As a counterpart to my thoroughly helpful and informative list of internet resources for students I thought I would compile a list of all the places it’s possible to waste a lot of time on the internet.

  • cyrkam airtos: I have no idea why this is quite so addictive, but it is. A flash game based on a way to waste time in an office…
  • Jedi Trainer: You know you want to be a jedi…
  • Dice Wars: Like the idea of Risk but can’t be bothered to spend hours and hours playing it? Or don’t have any friends to play against? Dice Wars is the answer.
  • WordPress: Start a blog. Ramble about nonsense. Beats working, right?
  • Casual Collective: Invite only (I might be able to help there…) but this is a great little site. There are currently 3 games, all of which are terribly good. Each game only lasts a couple of minutes but you always end up playing 3 or 4 games…

There are load more. Expect part 2 to follow shortly. Because compiling this list is itself a good waste of time…


Written by Seamus

October 26, 2007 at 12:58 pm

Posted in internet

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  1. […] hard. But it’s fun. Another displacement activity will consist in part two of ‘how to avoid doing any work‘ so look out for that in the near […]

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