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Google Groups; you are wrong!

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Your message will appear in Linux Users Group momentarily’

No. It will appear in a moment. Groups whose postings appears only momentarily would be bugger all use to anyone. Take a moment to reflect on the fact that I used Google’s define: feature to define a word Google didn’t know how to use. According to ‘many critics hold that the adverb should be reserved for the senses “for a moment,” and the extended usage is unacceptable

Incidentally, usenet groups are full of nutjobs claiming that physicists completely misunderstand general relativity or that Gödel’s incompleteness theorems are invalid or undermine the whole of maths. Weird.

I’ve spent most of today working out how bibtex works. I have another aborted essay attempt and a much greater understanding of how to get LaTeX to do what I want. Next thing on my agenda is to get some basic SVGs to display properly where I want them to. But this is a minor concern since I don’t really need pictures most of the time. I hope next week’s post-lecture essays will be longer and better, given that I am getting the hang of writing in LaTeX.


Written by Seamus

October 31, 2007 at 10:36 pm

Posted in annoying, internet

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