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I have this little moleskine notebook that I write ideas that pop into my head. Often, I forget about an idea before I get the chance to grab the book; I can’t just take it out in a lecture or something; or I have an idea whilst walking somewhere and forget it when I get there… Anyway. Even when I do remember to write it down, that’s pretty much as far as it goes. I’ve made a few notes to write stuff on here or research stuff for an essay and normally I don’t ever do it. Perhaps the writing it down does help me remember to do stuff, so that even without looking at the book I’ll think to do something I had written out there…

I’m thinking I’ll do my physics essay somewhere in the area of probability and quantum mechanics. Or maybe something a little more general about mathematics and the world, still with a focus on probability and QM. As for the maths essay I’m stuck. Perhaps something about the different views Boolos takes up about 2nd order logic in his two papers we looked at, but I’m not sure. The stuff we are looking at at the moment about Lewis’ ‘megethology’  is hard! I don’t know enough about classes and mereology to follow most of it. And it doesn’t help that one of the pages in the PDF has a great big white spot on it. For no apparent reason. It’s really annoying. It means I can’t understand the last 5 or 6 pages…

See, I had more stuff to write about, but of course I have forgotten it. I could go and find my little book, but it’s all the way over at the other side of my room…


Written by Seamus

November 7, 2007 at 7:20 pm

Posted in me me me, philosophy

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