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Genius skips a generation…

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  • Erasmus and Charles Darwin
  • Thomas and Aldous Huxley
  • Max Born and Olivia Newton-John

This trinity of grandparent/grandchild relations is unimpeachable proof that clever people have clever grandchildren. And there’s no shortage of evidence that rock legends have crap children; Peaches Geldof, Kelly Osbourne… Evidence that great people do not beget great children.

But what of Hugh Everett who was the father of the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics? Father to Mark Oliver Everett, the frontman of the Eels. An anomaly perhaps? A beautiful freak,if you’ll excuse the muso-pun.

Just watched Smokin Aces. It’s not very good. Entertaining enough I suppose. But pretty much everyone dies. And that doesn’t really spoil the story or anything, because the famous faces start dropping like flies pretty early on… Jason Bateman as a pathetic lawyer stole the show. Well, the two scenes he is in, at least.

Saw Mr Scruff on Thursday. Very good. Ug was a highlight for me. Although I did find myself enjoying ‘lovecats’ as well. Wasn’t expecting to hear any Cure that night… Had some rather tasty mint and chilli tea at the gig. An odd but generally enjoyable experience. Mr Scruff is from Stockport. That makes him the second best thing to come out of Stockport. After the Hat Museum, obviously.

Also saw some other band who were similar to the arctic monkeys. They were friends at school or somesuch. Highlight was Will almost stealing someone’s pig mask. But he gave it back.


Written by Seamus

November 17, 2007 at 8:42 pm

Posted in film, music, science

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