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What are the odds of THAT?

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Crikey. Right after I write about families of awesome people I discover quite how amazing the Coppola family tree is… I knew Francis Ford Coppola was related to Sofia and to Nicholas Cage, but I didn’t realise that Jason Schwartzman is also part of the clan. And they are one of two families to have 3 generations of academy award winners. (No idea who the other family is…) So that’s pretty cool. And Roman Coppola is credited as writer for The Darjeeling Limited! (A film I really want to see!) I thought all that was pretty cool.

I’m halfway through reading this. Interesting stuff about the record industry and music piracy and so on. But I should really get back to reading this. Which isn’t as intersting. But possibly more relevant for my putative essay about Probability in Quantum Mechanics…


Written by Seamus

November 18, 2007 at 6:25 pm

Posted in film, music, philosophy

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