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I have conclusive first hand evidence that disproves the old adage ‘a watched pot never boils.’ That’s a rather sensationalist gloss on the actual fact that I spent several minutes staring at a saucepan when I wanted some green tea… At first the odd bubble would pop up every now and then. I watched the bubbles at the bottom of the pan grow and occasionally float to the surface. I watched until it was in full blooded bubbly boily mode. So that’s that then. My contribution to modern science.

And given the role of the observer in the standard view of Quantum Physics I think it is important to do these experiments.

I would like to say that I was deep in philosophical reflection whilst watching the water get hotter. But I really wasn’t. The briefest of thoughts about latent heat of evaporation and the analogies between statistical mechanics/thermodynamics and QM and various things did occur to me. But most of the time I was in a state of mind blankness. Not in the kind of cool ‘zen’ way. I was just being a zombie.

I’ve been reading lots for my physics essay. I still can’t work out what I believe. Maybe quite a general essay about QM and probability. I’d like to get more specific, but all the gritty details of the various probability models are either beyond my comprehension or unconvincing… I think I’ll start writing quite a general essay and see where it takes me… The GRW objective probabilities stuff is cool, but my instinct tells me that there’s FTL signalling inherent in the GRW interpretation of the singlet state of two electrons. Unless you say that the propensity is on the level of the two electron system. But that’s not their thing… They want to say it’s all about the individual particles.

Maybe a more general propensity view is possible. Time to read some Popper…


Written by Seamus

November 25, 2007 at 7:46 pm

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