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Speaking of watched pots…

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I don’t intend of making a habit of posting webcomics, but this was just so relevant to that post I made a while ago about watching water boil that I thought I should include it.

I’ve spent a lot of today watching stuff from the Everett@50 conference and messing with bibliography styles for bibtex. I now have it all working how  I want it. What this really means is that I’ve made very little progress on actual work work. I seem to do that a lot. Tomorrow I intend to print off a whole bunch of articles and update my bibliography bibtex files.

But once I’ve got a few more papers under my belt, I think my physics essay will come into focus and I will be able to just reel off a couple of thousand words a day. Easy. The maths essay  has been put on the back burner a little bit, since it’s bloody hard. I have to read a few books before I can write much of any use for that. So I think I’ll get something substantial done on the physics one and that will allay my fears that I’m spiralling towards a massive 72-hour essay writing panic marathon come late January…


Written by Seamus

December 16, 2007 at 8:22 pm

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