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First up, Charles Darwin was born a week on Tuesday. Thus evolution sunday is soon! Interesting project. Nice to see people trying to do more than just alienate religious people. Speaking of which; The four horsemen. I haven’t watched it yet, but I have my reservations. Putting four notorious atheists round a table isn’t exactly a recipe for reasoned debate on religion. That said, I have a great amount of respect for Dawkins as a scientist and Dennett as a philosopher. (I know nothing about the other two except that they are not fans of Him Upstairs)

In other news; why are people who study metaphysics called metaphysicians and not metaphysicists? I can’t see how metaphysics is more like being a physician than a physicist. When Aristotle coined the term it was because it came after the Physics, not because it came after a treatise on medicine.

I am buying books faster than I read them. And I’m amassing a list of books I want faster than I buy them. This despite the fact I got about a dozen books for Christmas… How the devil will I ever get out of this mess? I bought and have started reading the Gormenghast trilogy. None of the books I got for Christmas have been touched yet! Oh, except Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days.


Written by Seamus

February 3, 2008 at 2:18 pm

Posted in books, philosophy

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