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I have added plenty more people to my list of births and deaths spreadsheet to reflect my new-found interest in the Copernican Revolution. I also added the odd mathematician, some philosophers of science and quite a few early quantum physicists. I have another spreadsheet of important or relevant dates, but it only has a couple of entries so far…

I still haven’t found a good way of representing this information as a timeline. It seems such a simple idea: taking a spreadsheet of dates and building a timeline from it. I’m surprised I haven’t been able to find any programs that do it. Any help would still be appreciated.

I’m normally insistent on using British English spellings. Axe not Ax. Utilise not Utilize. And so on. But I have no trouble writing “program” to mean a computer program. But I’d still insist on writing “television programme.”  I think this is something I picked up from David Miller last year. He made the same point at some stage in his notes for his Symbolic Logic course. Are we witnessing the birth of a new word, a splitting off from an old word? Some cross-pollination back across the Atlantic? If this is more than just me and my logic lecturer, I think it is an interesting linguistic quirk…


Written by Seamus

March 6, 2008 at 3:37 pm

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