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Instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing today (reading about Galileo’s philosophy of science) I am reading about Francis Bacon on wikipedia. In my defense, I was originally looking up Bacon to see if his Novum Organum might have influenced GG at all. But I got sidetracked reading about all the interesting things Bacon might have been- writer of Shakespeare’s plays (unlikely), Elizabeth I’s son (likewise), homosexual (quite possibly), Rosicrucian, Freemason…

And in the style of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, we can extrapolate facts from these wild musings. Bacon was in fact Shakespeare’s lover. Or possibly Christopher Marlowe’s? And between the three of them, like gay musketeers they penned the plays with the patronage of King James I as D’Artagnon (also gay). And they were all high-ranking Knights Templar (also speculated to have performed homosexual orgies).


This stuff is easy. But I should probably get back to reading about Galileo. Sigh.

(Since starting this History of Science course, my Scientists and Philosophers Dates spreadsheet has nearly doubled in size since last time I added stuff to the google one…)


Written by Seamus

May 17, 2008 at 5:25 pm

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