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Supercollider? I hardly knew her!

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From now on, if I can’t think of a title for my posts, they will all be Futurama references. Until I run out of them (in, like, 400,000 posts time) when I shall move on to Kung Pow, then Commando and so on, in that fashion.

So I went to Rock am Ring at the weekend. I got rained on and sunburned. I also saw lots of bands and so on.

My new favourite thing is the Burnt Pancake Problem because bacteria are better than computers at solving it. Also because both Bill Gates and David X. Cohen have written about it. Incidentally, if computing the nth digit of pi P or NP hard? Apparently there is an algorithm which allows you to compute digit n without having computed all lower digits. That is pretty cool.


Written by Seamus

June 12, 2008 at 3:57 pm

Posted in maths, me me me

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