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Why can’t I buy yoghurts that are bad for me?

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I like fruit yoghurts. But I object to buying “healthy option” type foods, because they are preying on this culture of health as lifestyle and it’s all wrapped up with fad-diets and trendy ways to exercise. But I can’t find yoghurts that aren’t promoting themselves as “low fat” or as being packed with “good bacteria” or some such nonsense. It’s all Ski and Activia… Whether or not those claims are true, I object to buying them on principle. I don’t care about low fat, good bacteria or anything like that. I want my yoghurt to taste of fruit and be a yoghurty consistency. Or maybe they should have little bits of cherry or peach or whatever in. I don’t like to think I am paying more for someone to remove fat from my snack, or pump my summer fruits dessert full of “good” bacteria. My only option is to go for the organic fairtrade tree-hugging smiley faces on the packet ones. And they are significantly more expensive. I don’t actually have anything against organic food or the fairtrade movement, it’s just that those labels come at a premium I don’t want to pay. I actually went for some Activia strawberry ones today, because I was feeling cheap and my principles were at low ebb. Also, I bought “be good to yourself” tuna mayonaise sandwish filler because I couldn’t find Sainsbury’s “look out it’s bad for you” range of products anywhere.

I have been ranting a lot recently. I promise I shall post something goodnatured and happy-go-lucky in the next few days…


Written by Seamus

July 29, 2008 at 12:32 pm

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