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Philosophy and classic arcade games

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In my LaTeX files, I leave myself notes about bits I still need to write. Sometimes they are fairly mundane: “Weyl/Klein on locally Euclidean.” But ocasionally I leave myself a note that makes me laugh when I go back to find out what I still need to do. The note in question was “Giaquinto pacman triangle.” For a good few minutes this meant as little to me as it probably does to you now. I flicked through the book in question (Marcus Giaquinto’s Visual thinking in mathematics) and found what I was talking about. They do indeed look like Pacmans (Pacmen?)…

Pacmen eating an invisible triangle

Pacmen eating an invisible triangle

Just below this is another note which just says “triangles vs space… asteroids?” I still haven’t worked out what I meant by that one. Perhaps I was thinking of having my whole essay structure based around different classic arcade games. It must have been a long day…


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July 31, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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