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Signifying nothing

If frog complexity is high, and bird complexity is high, then physics is doomed.

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The Max Tegmark paper I mentioned in the last post is weird. There is a graph in it on page 12 to the effect that if both frog complexity and bird complexity are high, then physics is doomed. It doesn’t make a whole lot more sense if you actually put it in context either.

But what I really wanted to complain about today is toothpaste. Why are there so many kinds of toothpaste? It’s not like there’s loads of different brands there all competing: the vast majority of toothpastes on offer at my local Sainsbury’s are Colgate. There must be a dozen different kinds of Colgate toothpaste. Do I want total protection or whitening? What about the new once a week fluoride brushing thing? All I want is something that keeps my teeth clean and my breath minty fresh. Is that so much to ask? I am similarly wracked by indecision when I want to buy a toothbrush. They all look pretty similar and all do the same job. Why does there have to be such an overabundance of choice?

I have similar complaints about anti-perspirant, shampoo and shower gel. But you get the picture. Too much choice is bad for you. Fact.


Written by Seamus

August 5, 2008 at 12:38 pm

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