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Wah wah. The internet knows my dog is called “Leeroy”

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So that last post about words was not at all ranty. Here’s a proper old moan.

There’s something strange about people complaining that facebook has access to all this private data and is cynically selling it on to other evil internet type outfits. Even if you delete your profile all your information stays on their servers and can still be sold on to evil types. There are two things that are so very wrong with all this uproar. The first is that what do you care if someone knows that your favourite film is “Titanic (saw it 6 tiems n tha cinema. im obsessed lol!!!!11” or that your favourite music is “erm, dont no really.”? So what if the ads you see are tailored to you by your web browsing habits? You’ll just ignore the ads anyway.

The second thing that bothers me about people complaining about privacy on facebook is this: IF YOU DON’T WANT FACEBOOK TO HAVE YOUR DETAILS, DON’T BLOODY WELL PUBLISH THEM ON THE FUCKING INTERNET. I mean, really. You can’t publish your phone number and home address on the internet and then hope the information remains a secret. That’s just stupid. My phone number and email address are not on my facebook profile precisely because I want to have some control over who is privy to that information. I’m happy to advertise that I liked blazing saddles and gladiator and I listen to Weezer and U2. I have put that sort of information up there because I don’t care who knows. Have some bloody common sense.

I also thing there’s a delicious irony in Facebook groups dedicated to complaining about Facebook’s privacy issues. If you’re so outraged, just delete your profile. (And email Facebook asking them to remove all your private data. You can ask them to do that, apparently)


Written by Seamus

August 6, 2008 at 1:08 pm

Posted in annoying, internet

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