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Aeon Flux is a dreadful dreadful film. The action is boring, the story uncompelling, the acting unconvincing. The highlight was going “Hey, is that that guy from the green wing and peep show doing an american accent?” It turns out it was. Patterson Joseph. Stick to your British accent thanks. I think what really bothered me about the whole thing was that the society Aeon Flux and her rebel associates are rebelling against didn’t seem that bad. OK, so there’s the odd disappearance, but nothing too worrying. But compared to, say, Star Wars or Equilibrium, it wasn’t a very convincing dystopia. I couldn’t really sympathise with the rebel people, because they didn’t seem to have anything to rebel against.

I watched Serenity yesterday. I had seen it before, but I felt like watching it again. It’s just as mediocre as it was the first time around. But this time I was just extra disappointed because they killed off my favourite characters from Firefly.

I think I might watch Ultraviolet tomorrow. I was fully expecting that to be the worst of the girls-kicking-ass films, but given how shocking Aeon Flux was, I hope I am wrong…

Sigh. But really I want to watch Equilibrium now. That’s how to do some good action. And Boondock Saints. I want to watch that again too. (THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT!)


Written by Seamus

August 11, 2008 at 10:37 pm

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