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Monty Hall, philosophy links and musical look-alikes.

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The solution to the Monty Hall problem (switching wins you 2/3 of a car) depends for its answer on the fact that you know how Monty will act. Other host behaviours are possible. So my question is this: what is the best strategy if you don’t know what Monty’s behaviour is? Is it different in single case vs long run scenarios? In the latter case, what about a strategy that allows you to alter your behaviour depending on Monty’s behaviour? I don’t really know how to answer these questions; I have enough trouble convincing myself of the solution to the original problem!

In other news, a couple of books by D.H. Mellor are available for free online! Matters of Metaphysics and The Matter of Chance. And more philosophy gubbins- Philosophy Bites: Bitesize philosophy podcasts. Wonderful.

One last thing. Tim Minchin and Duke Special look quite similar. They both play piano type music. But Tim Minchin is from Australia and does comedy songs and Mr. Special is from Northern Ireland and plays “proper music.”

Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin

Duke Special

Duke Special


Written by Seamus

August 11, 2008 at 5:08 pm

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