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I read this article which is in the Reuters “Oddly Enough” section, where they put their quirky, weird stories. It was just a little too bleak for my liking. A conman has been exectued in China. And one of the people he conned has commited suicide… Wahey! Funny old world, eh?

Synonymy must be one of very few words to have 3 “y”s in.

There was recently an article in the Guardian saying that some watchdog or thinktank or something had put the UK in the group that is likely to be worst hit by the credit crunch. Along with the Netherlands, Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg… All I could think was “Wow cool, Luxembourg got mentioned in the paper. Wait a minute. Oh shit…” (P.S. I’m not sure those were the right countries, but it was something like that…)

I’m writng an essay on Bertrand’s paradox and similar problems with the principle of indifference, but I’ve changed my mind so many times in the course of writing it… It’s going to need some serious tidying up once I decide what my actual position is. My thinking on the problem over the last year-ish has gone: Ooh Bertrand’s paradox, It’s OK, Jaynes has solved it. Oh no he hasn’t. It’s OK van Fraassen solves problems with indifference, Ah. he hasn’t. Actually, the wine/water problem is fairly conclusive. Actually, Mikkelson has solved it. Ah no he probably hasn’t… Since writing the essay, I’m vacillating between thinking that there is no problem, there’s only a problem in infinite cases, there’s only a problem in uncountable cases or the real problem is only in finiite cases. Now I’m not sure what to think…


Written by Seamus

November 30, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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