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A few of my favourite things

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Haiku Circus is
My new favourite website
It makes me chuckle

Peep Show and Have I Got News For You were both funny. But not in that order. Peep Show was on after HIGNFY was. Anyway. I might be out tomorrow and miss all the campy goodness of Eurovision. That would be a crying shame. I’ll have to trawl YouTube for the highlights.

I found a googlewhack today. I think it was “groupoidification periphery” Although by writing about it here it will probably cease to be a Googlewhack. Still, groupoidification is my favourite word today. It will probably be word of the week…

Another “favourite” of mine is today’s favourite fact; Tony Blair dated Mary Harron who went on to direct American Psycho. Now that is a pretty awesome fact.

Here are a couple more pointless holiday ideas!

  • Only reply to direct questions day
  • Respond in a different medium to the one you were addressed in day (So ring up to answer emails, write down the answer to verbally asked questions etc…)
  • Finish every sentence with the word “underpants” day underpants
  • Blink as little as possible day
  • Wink at strangers day
  • Speak only in internet memes day (So basically all you can do is ask for cheeseburgers, inform people as to the state of their base, what you’re doing to their dudes and tell people how it is in Soviet Russia)
  • Walk like an Egyptian day

OK, that’s enough.


Written by Seamus

May 12, 2007 at 12:21 am

Happy ANZAC day haiku

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Happy ANZAC day
Australian haiku chaps
also New Zealand

I should find that list of maths haikus I made last year instead of listening to measure theory lectures;

A finite union
of disjoint rectangles is

Or maybe I shouldn’t…

Also, I’m having a problem with my new USB memory stick thinger. Ubuntu doesn’t like unmounting it properly and randomly deletes data off it when I remove it… I unmount it but the light remains flashing… I tried some bug workaround I was directed to on the Ubuntu forums, but it didn’t fix the problem… Le sigh.

So that’s my exams finished for now. Which is cool. Time to work on the ol’ essays again now. Yippee! I am actually glad I’m not revising any more maths for now. It’s good to be back to the reading and writing.

Written by Seamus

April 25, 2007 at 9:45 pm

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