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Beware the angry monkey

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I thought this was too funny not to mention.

I haven’t done a whole lot today. I spent a good long while just sitting here going “Yes, but what is a structure?” Which probably suggests I don’t quite have what it takes to be a structural realist. Shame.

I also spent rather too long trying to get LaTeX to play nicely with Kig. Now, kig can export pictures you have drawn as TeX files. But when you try and \include{thefile} in another file it messes up. So you can also export kig constructions as SVG files, which vector graphics software such as inkscape can transform into EPS, which is what should work with LaTeX. I haven’t actually tried this circuitous route to LaTeX picture perfection, because I don’t have any vector graphics software installed and I forgot to save my kig file of the nine point circle.

I have actually written a little bit today, and planned the next few weeks’ work. So it hasn’t been a totally wasted day.

I was thinking a bit more about my complaint about the kilo. I was wondering whether you could define a kilo in terms of the weight of a certain volume of a pure liquid, say water or mercury. But would that depend on the temperature and pressure? I don’t know. Or by making use of Einstein’s useful little mass/energy equivalence define a kilo as a certain amount of energy? A certain number of electron volts or some such…

Incidentally, I have started assigning tags as well as categories to my posts. This means that going through my old posts and tagging them could well become my displacement activity of choice…


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July 9, 2008 at 12:33 pm

The way to the legendary foon?

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Yesterday’s xkcd got me thinking. Cross a spoon with a fork, you get a spork. xkcd takes that further. Now, what would happen if you crossed a spork with a spork? Would you get another spork? Or would you get back a fork or a spoon? 25% spoons, 25% forks and 50% sporks? or maybe 25% sporks, 25% foons?

Now, if you cross a knife with a fork, you get a cake fork. Next step? Quite clearly the cake spork!

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May 6, 2008 at 9:34 am

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Speaking of watched pots…

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I don’t intend of making a habit of posting webcomics, but this was just so relevant to that post I made a while ago about watching water boil that I thought I should include it.

I’ve spent a lot of today watching stuff from the Everett@50 conference and messing with bibliography styles for bibtex. I now have it all working how  I want it. What this really means is that I’ve made very little progress on actual work work. I seem to do that a lot. Tomorrow I intend to print off a whole bunch of articles and update my bibliography bibtex files.

But once I’ve got a few more papers under my belt, I think my physics essay will come into focus and I will be able to just reel off a couple of thousand words a day. Easy. The maths essay  has been put on the back burner a little bit, since it’s bloody hard. I have to read a few books before I can write much of any use for that. So I think I’ll get something substantial done on the physics one and that will allay my fears that I’m spiralling towards a massive 72-hour essay writing panic marathon come late January…

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December 16, 2007 at 8:22 pm

Blog post 23 now has a Title! This is it…

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So here is something I came across which I thought was cool. But I had to hit myself when it made me think of Kuhn’s idea of paradigm shifts and his disagreements with Popper… Must stop thinking about courses I have completed the assessment for… Must concentrate on Knot Theory. Need to understand rational tangles and how they’re the same as 4 plats, 2-bridge knots and daisy chains…

In other news I bought a mint plant. He is called Hendrix. Have I mentioned him already? He lives in my room, but I might move him kitchenwards so that he gets more light. But then I’ll forget to water him more often. Sigh. I don’t know how much water to give him either… I just kind of randomly apportion him some water whenever I feel like it. I should probably read up on how to care for my new buddy, but that’s just another displacement activity to avoid work…

Speaking of avoiding work, I’m going to catch up with xkcd now…

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May 17, 2007 at 11:00 pm

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A few of my favourite things

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Haiku Circus is
My new favourite website
It makes me chuckle

Peep Show and Have I Got News For You were both funny. But not in that order. Peep Show was on after HIGNFY was. Anyway. I might be out tomorrow and miss all the campy goodness of Eurovision. That would be a crying shame. I’ll have to trawl YouTube for the highlights.

I found a googlewhack today. I think it was “groupoidification periphery” Although by writing about it here it will probably cease to be a Googlewhack. Still, groupoidification is my favourite word today. It will probably be word of the week…

Another “favourite” of mine is today’s favourite fact; Tony Blair dated Mary Harron who went on to direct American Psycho. Now that is a pretty awesome fact.

Here are a couple more pointless holiday ideas!

  • Only reply to direct questions day
  • Respond in a different medium to the one you were addressed in day (So ring up to answer emails, write down the answer to verbally asked questions etc…)
  • Finish every sentence with the word “underpants” day underpants
  • Blink as little as possible day
  • Wink at strangers day
  • Speak only in internet memes day (So basically all you can do is ask for cheeseburgers, inform people as to the state of their base, what you’re doing to their dudes and tell people how it is in Soviet Russia)
  • Walk like an Egyptian day

OK, that’s enough.

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May 12, 2007 at 12:21 am